Real Estate Appraisal Review  
  • Obtain data from client and taxing authorities. Identify appraisal methods used in assessing properties and audit the results for accuracy.
  • Aggressively seek and secure refunds for past years tax over-paymetns where inaccurate assessments are identified.
  • Use the cost, market and income approaches in preparing appeals for presentation to taxing authorities.
  • Review the assessed value of comparable properties to ensure fair and equal standards.
  • Use comparable assessments and calculations of cash equivalency values in presentations to taxing authorities.
Personal Property Renditions
  • Prepare, sign, and file all personal property renditions/returns on a timely basis with the appropriate taxing authorities, and provide client with a copy of all correspondence with taxing authorities. If the rendered value is not accepted, actively pursue the appeals process.
  • Seek and secure refunds of back tax where inaccuracy is found in past years assessments.
Real Estate and Personal Property Appeals
  • Arrange for and conduct diligent, informal settlement discussions with taxing authorities.
  • When advisable, file written protests with tax appraisal review boards for all unsuccessful appeals at the informal leve.
  • Attend hearings and offer personal presentations of expert testimony before tax appraisal review boards to support lower values.
  • If appropriate, recommend legal counsel and provide support services for continuing an appeal at the state level.
  • Respond to inquiries from taxing authorities.
  • Provide tax estimates for accrual and budgeting purposes.
  • On a timely basis, obtain, audit and forward tax bills to client with an approval letter.
  • Seek and secure corrected tax bills where inaccuracies are discovered.
  • Upon request, provide client with copies of parcel maps from taxing authorities.
  • Verify the property tax proration on escrow closing statements for acquisitions or dispositions.
  • Prepare client reports
    • A preliminary tax savings report using estimated tax rates.
    • A final tax savings report using actual tax rates and identifying savings by property.
    • A tax comparison report on a property-by-property basis including current and prior year's values and taxes.
    • A narrative report pertaining to research, analysis, and negotiation activity.
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